Microwave Scrambled Eggs

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Scrambled eggs have long been a staple for most breakfasts, and most people add assorted ingredients to make their eggs extra fluffy, but this recipe is your basic scrambled eggs with just salt and pepper. If you want to add anything, add butter. Unlike milk, which will dilute the flavor and cause rubbery eggs, butter will make them creamy. Don’t want to microwave them? Cook them on the stovetop over medium heat.



Step: 1

Spray a large glass bowl with cooking spray. Crack 1 egg into a small ramekin and then pour into the bowl. Whisk egg. Repeat with remaining eggs, whisking well after each addition.

Step: 2

Cook eggs in a microwave oven for 30 seconds; remove from oven and stir. Continue cooking in 30-second intervals, stirring after each, until eggs are almost set, about 3 minutes total. Season with salt and pepper.


Per Serving: 126 calories; protein 11.1g; carbohydrates 0.7g; fat 8.8g; cholesterol 327.4mg; sodium 162mg.

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