Sherrys Perfect Sous Vide Eggs

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Sous vide eggs with a just-solidified yolk and those elusive solid whites. Eggs are an excellent candidate for sous vide because you can get consistencies of yolk that are not possible otherwise. However, no matter what the pretty pictures in sous vide recipes show you, egg whites are a problem. They just don’t get firmed up properly. This fixes that. The last time I fixed them for my girlfriend, she stopped me mid-sentence to say, ‘These eggs are perfect!’



Step: 1

Prepare a heat-proof container of water with a sous vide cooker. Set temperature to 150 degrees F (66 degrees C).

Step: 2

Fill a bowl with enough ice water to cover eggs.

Step: 3

Fill a saucepan with water and bring to a boil. Add eggs to the boiling water and cook until whites are set, exactly 5 minutes. Move the eggs to the ice bath for at least 1 minute to stop the cooking.

Step: 4

Place eggs into the sous vide water bath; set timer for 40 minutes. Serve immediately or refrigerate and reheat for a few minutes in the sous vide or a bowl of hot water.


Per Serving: 63 calories; protein 5.5g; carbohydrates 0.3g; fat 4.4g; cholesterol 163.7mg; sodium 61.6mg.

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