Bionicos (Mexican Fruit Bowls)

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Bionicos are tasty fruit bowls, drizzled with crema - a combination of yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, and Mexican crema. Any seasonal fresh fruit can be used. They originated in street food carts in Guadalajara, Mexico, and are commonly topped with shredded coconut, raisins, and granola.



Step: 1

Mix yogurt, sweetened condensed milk, and crema in a bowl. Add vanilla extract and stir until well incorporated.

Step: 2

Divide cantaloupe, papaya, apple, and banana among 4 individual bowls, arranging them in separate sections. Place strawberries in the center of each bowl. Top each bowl with 1/8 cup each granola, raisins, and coconut.

Step: 3

Drizzle 1/4 cup of the crema mixture over each fruit bowl.


Per Serving: 426 calories; protein 8.2g; carbohydrates 65.9g; fat 16.8g; cholesterol 37mg; sodium 94.1mg.

Eating good breakfast to start the day has become a good habit. It’s a best way to start my 24 hours off healthfully. The sugar hit from the fruit wakes me up and bring me energy to take on the morning. Sugar is more vilified as the root of all disease, but fruit is also loaded with fibre, which is great for your digestive system and make keep you feel full longer, and not want likely grab a snack out of the street food before lunchtime.

Making fruit a morning habit is simple . Easy as put the sweetness in your refrigerator next to the milk or on the bench next to your cereal pan , or beside your coffee maker or tea kettle — about anywhere where you’ll find it. Before you eat the rest of your food , eat your fruit. If you’re not usually a breakfast person.

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