Mango Crepes a la Mode

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These mango crepes are a sweet piece of heaven.



Step: 1

Blend flour, water, milk, eggs, 4 teaspoons vegetable oil, salt, and sugar together in a mixing bowl using an electric mixer until smooth. Cover and refrigerate for 1 hour.

Step: 2

Heat a crepe pan or skillet over medium heat. Brush with remaining 1 teaspoon oil. Stir batter well before pouring about 5 tablespoons into the heated pan to form a very thin coat. Cook crepe until set and bubbles start to appear on the surface, 1 to 2 minutes. Run a spatula around the edge of the skillet to loosen crepe; flip crepe and cook until the other side has turned light brown, about 1 minute more. Transfer crepe onto waxed paper. Repeat with remaining batter, being careful not to stack crepes until completely cooled.

Step: 3

Heat a saucepan over medium-high heat. Pour in orange juice and sugar. Bring to a boil; add mangoes, cinnamon, and vanilla extract. Return to a boil and cook for 2 minutes; set aside to cool.

Step: 4

Lay crepes on a flat, clean surface. Add mango filling to each and roll like a cigar. Place on a dessert plate; top with vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup.


Per Serving: 191 calories; protein 4.2g; carbohydrates 31.4g; fat 6g; cholesterol 51.7mg; sodium 91.6mg.

Eat good breakfast to start the day had become a good habit. It’s a great way to start my 24 hours off healthfully. The sweet hit from the fruit wakes me up and gives me power to make on the morning. The sweetness is often vilified as the evil of all disease, but fruit is also loaded with fibre, which is great for your stomach system and make keep you feeling full all day , and less likely grab a side food out of the street food before lunchtime.

Make fruit a at 7.00 clock habit is simple . Easy as put the sweetness in your refrigerator next to the milk or on the table next to your cereal bowl , or beside your coffee maker or tea kettle — somewhere where you’ll find it. Before you eat the rest of your food , eat your fruit. If you’re not normally a breakfast person.

Give your stomach energy a bit of sweetness in the morning is good to move your metabolism for the 24 hours and insert important element to your brain, which, incidentally, requires a continue supply of sugar in the form of process glucose, counting at to around 120g daily. There is also substantial evidence to backup the idea that a diet high in fibre can lowering your risk of a count of of cancers. And of course, you well-being from all the other vitamins and antioxidants in fruit, which keep you powerfull and healthy.

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