Chances Paleo Breakfast Sausage

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Paleo-friendly breakfast sausage has a nice, mild flavor; kick up the heat if you want by adding a few red pepper flakes or some cayenne.



Step: 1

Place ground pork in a large bowl. Combine salt, turmeric, sage, oregano, black pepper, paprika, and marjoram in a small bowl. Sprinkle half of the seasonings over the pork. Mix well with your hands or a wooden spoon to combine. Sprinkle remaining seasonings onto the pork and mix until evenly distributed.

Step: 2

Cover bowl with plastic wrap and refrigerate, 8 hours to overnight.

Step: 3

Scoop out 1/4 cup of the chilled pork mixture at a time and shape into patties.

Step: 4

Heat olive oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Cook patties until no longer pink in the center and browned, about 4 minutes per side.


Per Serving: 149 calories; protein 10.1g; carbohydrates 0.5g; fat 11.6g; cholesterol 36.8mg; sodium 610.2mg.

Eating healthy breakfast to continue the day has become a good habit. It’s a best way to start my 24 hours off healthfully. The sweet hit from the fruit wakes me up and gives me power to make on the morning. The sweetness is more vilified as the root of all disease, but fruit is also loaded with fibre, which is best for your stomach system and make keep you feel full all day , and less likely grab a snack out of the vending machine before lunchtime.

Make fruit a morning habit is easy . Easy as put the fruit in your fridge next to the sweet drink or on the bench next to your cereal pan , or beside your coffee maker or tea kettle — somewhere where you’ll see it. Before you eat the rest of your breakfast , eat your fruit. If you’re not normally a breakfast person.

Give your body a bit of sweetness in the morning is good to kick-start your healthy body for the day and insert important element to your brain, which, incidentally, requires a continue supply of sugar in the form of process glucose, amounting to around 120g daily. There is also essential evidence to support the idea that a diet high in fiber can lowering your risk of a count of of cancers. And of course, you well-being from all the other vitamins and antioxidants in fruit, which keep you strong and healthy.

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